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Bonsai Beans: Custom Coffee Roasters in Bend, Oregon

We roast and sell high quality, mindfully grown, musically enhanced coffee beans – for people who love coffee!

Find our custom coffees at select shops and retail outlets here in Bend, or order some online right here – fresh-roasted beans and ground coffee by the full-pound bag, and cold brew are our specialties.

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Bonsai Beans Coffee beans on treeLike the bonsai, our beans cultivate a path of healthy indulgence.

In this fast-paced world, it’s good to stop and smell the coffee once in a while, hang out with good people, and listen to fine music.

Enjoy life, and drink up!

We select the highest quality beans from Costa Rica, Colombia, Sumatra, Guatemala, Peru and beyond, and then air-roast them in small batches, creating our signature coffees. Featured beans and all roasts are subject to change and availability. Our beans are sold in one-pound increments, $14/lb.

Choose from our Featured Roasts:

Bonsai Beans Cold Brew Now Available At More Locations

Now when you’re heading through the Old Mill District and you have a thirst for our cold-brewed coffee, you can swing by and see Jess and her crew at Mill Quarter Coffee.

Then head over to Pure Joy Kitchen and ask for some Bonsai Beans Cold Brew with your healthy and organic snack.

In Downtown Bend, try our cold brew at Dudley’s Bookshop Cafe on Minnesota. The nitro has been a favorite there for a while, as well as out near Redmond and Smith Rock at Redpoint Climbers Supply. 

More locations coming soon! If you’d like to serve our cold brew, or carry our locally roasted coffees in your store, give us a call at 541-610-6337.

Bonsai Beans Coffee Roasters began with one simple ingredient: a thirst for high-quality coffee.

After years of drinking the standard, everyday, mediocre coffee, I had a life-altering experience. After a dinner out in Boulder, Colorado one night, my companion and I each ordered espresso – and it was literally better than anything we’d ever tasted before. That tiny cup of goodness and wonder changed everything I thought I knew about coffee.

This single experience led to years of experimentation with home roasting, and a vision of starting a company that sourced, roasted, and delivered some of the finest beans you could find. Now, I’ve lived in Central Oregon for over 15 years, I roast in the Historical District of Bend at Gotta Be Gluten Free kitchen, and I’m proud to offer this great community a solid product.

Chris Newson

Owner of Bonsai Beans

Have a question for us about a custom roast? Want to serve Bonsai Beans coffee and cold brew, or sell whole beans at your location? Call Chris at 541-610-6337, or drop us a line below!

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